Guidelines for Poster Presentation

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

Template :

Board Size and Format

  • The poster will be 160 cm tall by 80 cm wide and should be in a VERTICAL FORMAT.
  • The poster should be legible from a distance of 1 meter.
  • The title should be a label, not a sentence.
  • The author name should be placed under the title.
  • Both the title and the names should be in bold face and are centered at the top of the poster.
    • Minimum 30 font size for the title
    • Minimum 20 font size for subtitles such as introduction, methods, results, etc.
    • Minimum 15 font size for the main body text
    • Good color schemes for improved clarity
    • You can freely design your poster material and style to attract your audience.

The full text details and Format
The full text for proceedings will be the same as the oral presentation format.

Installation of the Poster Board
SRU will provide a poster board, push pins and scotch tape, etc. for each board presentation. The poster board will be 160 cm tall by 80 cm wide with 4 corner tap holes for hanging convenience and mounted on stands. The author should mount his/her poster before 9 a.m. on the first day of the conference or before and it should be removed on the last day afternoon of the conference.